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Woolley Wood is located approximately one kilometre north of Meadowhall Shopping Centre and 6 kilometres north-east of the centre of Sheffield, between the Shiregreen and Wincobank areas of the city. It is easily accessible both by car and public transport. The upper edge lies adjacent to Concord Park and a good network of footpaths runs throughout the wood.

The history of Woolley Wood is well documented and recent surveys have revealed a number of archaeological features, some of which are associated with its long history of woodland management. Documentary evidence shows it to be an ancient woodland, that is, one that has been in existence for at least the past 400 years.

Because of its age and location, Woolley Wood is of considerable value for its wildlife. It is a Local Nature Reserve and contains a wide range of woodland habitats and species. Unlike some other ancient woodlands in the Sheffield area, Woolley Wood has maintained much of its species diversity. Fifteen ancient woodland plant indicators have been recorded in the wood, of which seven are strongly associated with ancient woodland. In addition, a wide variety of fungi have been recorded from the site and the wood supports a particularly wide variety of birds as well as a range of other animal species.
Trans-Pennine Trail in Woolley Wood
The Trans-Pennine Trail runs through many
attractive parts of Woolley Wood.

Both Woolley Wood and its adjacent areas are well used by local people for a variety of activities including dog walking, jogging and bird watching. It is an attractive place to visit and forms an excellent educational resource.

Under the Fuelling a Revolution programme, a programme of woodland restoration and access improvement work is taking place in order to restore the woodland to its former glory and to maximise its potential as a recreational and educational resource.

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