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The ProgrammeFuelling a Revolution
Barnsley Main Colliery, near Cliffe Wood
The Heritage Woodlands are closely linked to the
industrial history of South Yorkshire.

‘Fuelling a Revolution - The Woods that founded the Steel Country’ is a five-year programme to restore 35 ‘Heritage Woodlands’ lying within the South Yorkshire Forest to their former glory, so that they can be enjoyed and fully appreciated by all sectors of the community.

Although intensively managed for thousands of years as a source of raw materials for agriculture, building and industry, the woodlands have in the more recent past become neglected as other materials have replaced woodland products. Under the ‘Fuelling a Revolution’ programme, renewed management of the woodlands is being undertaken, in order to enhance their value for both wildlife and local people.

The ‘Fuelling a Revolution’ programme will:

  • restore the landscape and heritage importance of the woodlands, protect their historical value and improve their nature conservation quality through sustainable woodland management.

  • encourage access to the woodlands by local people and visitors of all abilities.

  • survey and record the wildlife and archaeological features of the woodlands, both as a permanent record and as a basis for management work

  • interpret the landscape heritage, history and wildlife of the woodlands for the local community and visitors.

  • provide an educational resource for local schools to ensure that the woodlands will be valued by future generations

The programme in Rotherham has also included the purchase of Canklow Wood, an extensive woodland area a short walk from the centre of the town which has been identified as being of outstanding heritage interest through its prominence in the local landscape, its amenity value and its varied wildlife.

The majority of the funding for the project comes from the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as from the three local authorities involved in the programme. By the time of its completion, in the year 2005, the ‘Fuelling a Revolution’ programme will have resulted in the investment of over two million pounds in the Heritage Woodlands of the South Yorkshire Forest.

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