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The ProgrammeFuelling a Revolution


Interpretation is the practice of communicating information about woodlands (in this case) to local communities and other visitors. Interpretation work under the Fuelling a Revolution programme seeks to increase appreciation of the Heritage Woodlands as valuable assets by both local people and those from further afield, and to encourage community involvement in the care and management of the woods. Different aspects of interpretation in the Heritage Woodlands take in the whole range of people from pre-school children to the elderly.

As well as by means of this website, the Heritage Woodlands and the Fuelling a Revolution programme are being interpreted in a number of ways:
Basket weaving demonstration
Many events in the Heritage Woodlands include demonstrations of traditional woodland crafts.

  • Events are being run to interpret the Heritage Woodlands to local people. These are crucial to the success of the project as they aim to foster a sense of ownership and pride in the woodlands and to reduce the problems caused by lack of appreciation.

    The nature of these events varies widely, from guided walks relating to the natural history and historic interest of the woods, to children’s events and practical management tasks. Many of the events involve the demonstration of traditional woodland management skills such as coppicing, ‘green woodworking’, and charcoal making.

    An important focus of interpretation events in the Heritage Woodlands is the consultation with and involvement of local communities in woodland management work. This goes at least some way to reducing the distress and concern caused to local people when the apparent ‘damage’ caused by the thinning and extraction of trees takes place, and helps to provide reassurance that the recovery of the woodland following this is rapid.

    For information on forthcoming events in the Heritage Woodlands, see the Events section of this website.

  • Leaflets are being produced for each of the 35 Heritage Woodlands, with others describing the broader nature of the Fuelling a Revolution programme.

    These leaflets will all adopt a similar postcard style format

  • Interpretation Boards will be placed at strategic points within some of the woodlands. These will vary in design to reflect their surroundings but will all explain the wildlife and heritage of the woodlands in an attractive way.
    Environmental art
    The crocodile in Herringthorpe Wood, an example of environmental art.

  • Environmental Artworks will be specially designed for and placed in some of the woodlands in the programme. These will be three-dimensional pieces, inspired by nature and will often be designed and made by local artists, largely using natural materials.

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