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The ProgrammeFuelling a Revolution
Exploring tree bark
School visits to the Heritage Woodlands can include activities which make use of the different senses.

Education work is an essential part of the Fuelling a Revolution programme. The Heritage Woodlands have great potential as an 'outdoor classroom' for all four school Key Stages and beyond this for further education. In particular, the Fuelling a Revolution programme aims to develop strong links between the individual Heritage Woodlands and the schools in their neighbourhood.

To support work in and about the Heritage Woodlands, a range of resources has been developed. These can be reached by clicking on the links below.


Although no downloadable resources and curriculum links are currently provided on this website for Key Stage 4 and beyond, this does not mean that the Heritage Woodlands are unsuitable for educational use by this age group. Teachers of Key Stage 4 and other older students are just as welcome as those teaching Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 both to make use of this website and to visit and work in the woodlands.

For further information on educational aspects of the Heritage Woodlands and of the Fuelling a Revolution programme, contact South Yorkshire Forest Partnership.

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