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The ProgrammeFuelling a Revolution
Fuelling a Revolution education pack
All Fuelling a Revolution education materials come in an attractive folder.

Two different printed education resources are available in order to help schools get the most out of visits to the Heritage Woodlands.

Fuelling a Revolution Education Packs
These contain materials relating to each of the 35 Heritage Woodlands and are designed to maximize the potential of these to schools and to support their use as an 'outdoor classroom'. The packs are in two parts.

Part One provides teachers with easy-to-use information on the individual Heritage Woodlands, including access, risk assessment and contact details, and background information on their history, wildlife and management. Another section outlines the educational opportunities presented by the wood and makes links to both the 'Wood Workers' sheets in part two of the pack and to additional materials in 'get, set ... Grow' (see below). This part of the packs also contains a range of other useful resources, including an aerial photograph and large-scale Ordnance Survey base map of the site.

Part Two of each pack contains 'Wood Workers', units of work for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, and which relate to a range of National Curriculum subjects and Qualification and Curriculum Authority schemes of work. Each unit consist of a photocopiable pupil worksheet and accompanying teacher's notes, which specify learning objectives and describe work to be undertaken before, during and after a woodland visit.

All of the 'Wood Workers' sheets can be downloaded from this website as pdf files. These can be accessed from the pages on downloadable materials for Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. In addition, many of the materials on the individual Heritage Woodlands are available in a simplified form on this website by clicking on the relevant woodland on the location map. However, some of the resources, such as the large-scale Ordnance Survey base maps and aerial photographs are found exclusively in the printed education packs.

Fuelling a Revolution education packs are available free-of-charge to local schools. For information on how to obtain these, contact South Yorkshire Forest Partnership.

get, set ... Grow
All Fuelling a Revolution education materials are designed so that they can be stored within the 'get, set ... Grow' folder.

Get, set ... Grow
Get, set ... Grow' is a resource pack which provides teachers in the South Yorkshire Forest with local information and resources to help them deliver the National Curriculum through environmental education. It is produced by the South Yorkshire Forest cluster group of Forest Education Initiative.

Get, set ... Grow consists of three parts.

Part 1 contains directories covering three areas:

  • Countryside sites, farms and other places to visit in the South Yorkshire Forest,
  • Local contacts for help with forest and countryside education activities.
  • Forest and countryside learning materials.

Part 2 contains teaching resources designed to assist teachers in delivering Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum through practical activities in the environment, both within the school grounds and further afield. Each unit of work consists of a pupil sheet and accompanying teacher's notes.

Part 3 of the pack is 'Tree File', a CD ROM containing a database of 32 locally occurring tree species. This can be used as a teacher resource, as well as for research and I.C.T. work by children.

Although 'get, set ... Grow' is currently out of print, a new edition is currently being prepared for publication during 2002. As part of this, the scope of the pack is being extended to cover Key Stages 1 and 3. In the meantime however, the teaching resources from part 2 of the pack can be downloaded from the Forest Education Initiative website. Direct links to those materials most relevant to work in the Heritage Woodlands are given in the section of this website providing downloadable pupil and teacher resources for Key Stage 2.

For further information about 'get, set ... Grow', contact South Yorkshire Forest Partnership

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