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Click here to download an interactive presentation called 'Only Made of Wood'

This is a very attractive illustrated childrens book, suitable for sharing in Literacy Hour, especially using an interactive whiteboard. It includes a bank of linked teacher resources and worksheets on wood, trees and the woodland environment. It addresses issues of sustainability and woodland ecology in a very accessible way.

Please note that this is a large file (36mbs) that takes a long time to download.

It is recommended that you set it to save rather than open so that you can open it from your own location for future use.

Download takes about 5 mins.

There are also two sets of resources for these key stages as follows;-


Unit of Work Brief Description Curriculum Area Related Schemes of Work
Use your Senses Exploring touch, smell, sound and sight in a woodland environment. Foundation National Literacy Strategy
Woodland Tales Using a woodland visit as a stimulus for story writing. English/Literacy National Literacy Strategy
This is my Object
A 'Short Activity'
Selecting and describing a woodland object. English/Literacy/P.H.S.E.  
My Life as a Bird
A 'Short Activity'
Finding food items required by woodland birds. Science/P.E.  
Touchy Feely
A 'Short Activity'
Working in groups to find woodland items that match a descriptive word. English/Literacy/P.H.S.E.  
Looking at Leaves Leaf shapes and sizes with a focus on symmetry. Maths/Numeracy National Numeracy Strategy - Shape & Space
Woodland Measures Using standard and non- standard units to measure in a woodland setting. Maths/Numeracy National Numeracy Strategy - Measures
Plants & Animals Comparing plants and animals in a woodland to those in a non-wooded area. Science QCA Science unit 2B 'Plants and animals in the local environment'
Examining woodland plants and sorting woodland animals. Science QCA Science unit 2C 'Variation'
We Need Trees
A 'Short Activity'
A short game exploring the importance of trees for life. Science/P.E.  
Our Local Wood
Following a route around the local area taking in a Heritage Woodland. Geography. QCA Geography unit 1 'Around our School - the local area'
Designs from Nature Using woodland materials as a basis for a textile collage. Art & Design QCA Art unit 2B 'Mother Nature - Designer'
Scavenger Hunt
A 'Short Activity'
Searching for specified woodland objects P.E.  
A 'Short Activity'
'Follow my Leader' listening for woodland sounds. P.E./ P.H.S.E.  
Touch a Tree
A 'Short Activity'
A game played in pairs in which children explore a tree whilst blindfolded. P.E./ P.H.S.E.  


These are related topics exploring common plants and trees around school.

They include activities on sorting and planting seeds.

These are science based activities but most have clear links to art and design.
Colour These are related activities exploring the properties of natural materials around the school.
Natural Dyes
Woodlice A detailed study of the habits and features of woodlice.
Grasses This is a detailed study exploring the features of different grasses around school.
Owls An activity to demonstrate the features of owls and how they are adapted to their environment.
Slugs and Snails A detailed study of the features and habits of slugs and snails.

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