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There are two sets of resources available to download as follows;-


Unit of Work Brief Description Curriculum Area Related Schemes of Work
Woodland Survival Measuring variations in environmental factors and considering adaptations to these. Science QCA Science unit 7C 'Environment and Feeding Relationships'
What Causes Plants to Change? Environmentally caused variations in woodland plants. Science QCA Science unit 7D 'Variation and Classification'
Are All Woods the Same? Comparing the flora and fauna of two woodland environments. Science QCA Science unit 8D 'Ecological Relationships'
Tree of Life Investigating, recording and linking the flora and fauna associated with one woodland tree. Science QCA Science unit 8D 'Ecological Relationships'
My Life as a Bird
A 'Short Activity'
Finding food items required by woodland birds. Science/P.E.  
Woodland Climates Recording climatic variations within a woodland. Geography  
Woodlands in the World The environmental impacts of different woodland uses and of charcoal production. Geography/Citizenship QCA Geography unit 23 'Local Action, Global Effects'
Recreating Woodlands Collecting woodland images and using these and woodland materials in textile design Art & Design QCA Art unit 7C 'Recreating landscapes'
Fuelling a Revolution Designing a sculpture showing the connection between woodlands and its industrial history. Art & Design QCA Art units 8C 'Shared View' and 9C 'Personal places, public spaces'.
Ephemeral sculptures
A 'Short Activity'
Using woodland materials to create temporary sculptures. Art & Design  
Night Line
A 'Short Activity'
Following a line trail through an area of woodland P.E./P.H.S.E.  
Trust Me
A 'Short Activity'
A 'trust game' for use within a woodland. P.E./P.H.S.E.  
Hawks and Crows A useful and enjoyable short game to test knowledge gained during a woodland visit. P.E./General  

Get Set.....GROW Resources.
Environment and Feeding Relationships Detailed study of habitats, environment, food webs and trophic levels.
Leaf Structure Microscope investigation of cell structure
Plant cells and Pollination Pollen, flower structure and fertilization.
Rocks and Weathering Investigation activities on weathering processes
Your School Grounds Detailed guide to the steps involved in developing school grounds
Conservation of the Water Vole A study of a local nature reserve at Woohouse Washlands, Sheffield, and the role that it plays in managing the environment for water voles.
Issues of the Timber Trade A case study of the issues involved in managing Wharncliffe Woods, Sheffield as well as wider world issues.
Genetic Modification, Inheritance and Selection Web based research on this contentious issue.

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