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The ProgrammeFuelling a Revolution

As well as providing teachers and others with a wealth of information relating both to the Fuelling a Revolution programme in general and to each of the 35 Heritage Woodlands in particular, this website can also be used directly with children.

Suggestions for possible uses are provided below. If you have any more ideas on how the website could be used with pupils, let us know by using the feedback facility.

Information and Communications Technology
This website provides teachers and pupils with an excellent opportunity to explore an environmental theme through the use of I.C.T. It contains examples of various forms of Internet media, including texts and images, hyperlinks, clickable maps, e-mail links, a noticeboard and an interactive presentation.

The Interactive
An animated, interactive guide to the history of the Heritage Woodlands specially designed for children from Key Stage 2 upwards (although hopefully just as enjoyable for grown-ups too!). This could be used before or after a visit to one of the woodlands; as part of a local history study; or just for enjoyment. The interactive can be run either with or without answering a series of multiple-choice questions written to test and reinforce knowledge about the Heritage Woodlands.

To view this interactive activity now, click here.

Using the Website for Research
The texts and images found on this website under The Programme and The Woods could be used for research into the history and wildlife of the Heritage Woodlands by pupils at Key Stages 3 and 4 as well as by older and more able Key Stage 2 children.

For younger children, shortened and simplified versions of these texts are provided in the Children section of this website. Although these are written with Key Stage 2 children in mind, they might also be suitable for older and more able Key Stage 1 children or for weaker readers at Key Stage 3.

For research into the individual Heritage Woodlands, click on the appropriate point on the location map.

The National Literacy Strategy requires pupils to use texts from a wide range of different sources, including digital forms such as Internet websites. Use this website to provide non-fiction texts for use within Literacy Hours, in order to provide pupils with opportunities to use organisational features to find information, and to identify and research the meaning of specialist vocabulary.

Schools' Noticeboard
Use the schools' noticeboard [7] to look at other schools' work on the Heritage Woodlands and then submit examples of your own writing, pictures and other work for inclusion on the noticeboard.

Woodland Words
Use the Woodland Words section of this website as an example of a glossary, in English/Literacy work at Key Stages 2 and 3.

Map Work
The location, access, vegetation and trail maps on this website provide examples of various kinds of thematic maps for use in Geography.

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