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The ProgrammeFuelling a Revolution
Accompanied school visit.
An accompanied school visit on Hail Mary Hill.

Two types of school visit to the Heritage Woodlands are available.

Accompanied visits
During the 5 years of the Fuelling a Revolution programme, nearly 400 accompanied visits are scheduled to take place across the 35 woodlands. This total includes 60 such visits to the 4 Heritage Woodlands in Barnsley; 90 visits to the 10 Rotherham woodlands; and well over 200 accompanied visits to the 21 Heritage Woodlands in Sheffield.

These accompanied woodland visits, which are offered free-of-charge, involve learning something about the heritage and wildlife of the woodland and taking part in a range of exciting, practical activities. In some cases, it is also possible to arrange a pre-visit and post-visit session, with the former setting the scene for the woodland visit and the latter following this up in the classroom. In Rotherham, many of these school visits are delivered by Heuristics, a company specialising in historical interpretation for schools.

To arrange an accompanied visit to a Heritage Woodland near your school, get in touch with the Fuelling a Revolution contact for your area. These are listed in the feedback section of this website.


Investigating habitats
Investigating animal habitats in Hail Mary Hill Wood.

Self Guided Visits
Although guided visits to the woodlands are on offer during the 5 years of the Fuelling a Revolution programme, schools can if they wish make unaccompanied visits to the Heritage Woodlands, all of which are freely open to the public.

In order to facilitate this, a general description of each of the Heritage Woodlands can be obtained by clicking on the location map on this website. From this general description, links lead to location, access and contact details for each of the woods, as well as to background information on their history, ecology and management. Access and vegetation maps are provided and, for some of the larger and most frequently visited woodlands, a short self-guided walk is described. Finally, a section specifically aimed at teachers, describes the educational potential of each wood.

All of the above, plus other materials not found on this website, can be found in the printed education packs being prepared for each of the Heritage Woodlands. For further details of these, go to the section on printed education materials.

Although all of the Heritage Woodlands are freely open to the public, in order that you can gain maximum value from your visit and so that educational use of the sites can be monitored, teachers planning visits to any of the Heritage Woodlands are requested to inform the appropriate Fuelling a Revolution contact for the area. Teachers are also strongly advised to make a reconnaissance visit to the woodland prior to the visit with their school.

For further general information on visiting any of the Heritage Woodlands with your school, contact South Yorkshire Forest Partnership.

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