Benefits of social media


The business-to-business (or B2B) world has slowly adopted social media. However, they’re finally catching up as they realise that social media offers a plethora of direct and indirect marketing opportunities and an incomparable way of connecting with business partners.

Social media services invest time into planning the right strategy for their clients, which is especially important for B2B, as marketing goals are at higher stakes. Allowing a fleshed out focus on a business’ core values will make the company’s presence flourish all around. Hire an experienced coordinator to keep your voice cohesive and generate or source highly shareable and impactful content. Your company will be more appealing for others to want to work with.

B2B organizations are generally more conservative and often don’t want to be as casual in their strategies as a B2C company might. As a practice, many of these organisations make LinkedIn their top platformsince that is the most “professional” of the social networks. It truly offers an excellent space to connect with fellow industry giants. However, the great aspect about the right social media manager is that they keep your desired brand’s image fluid on every platform and, if you wish, can make them all work to the highest potential.

Social media also gives your business a space to engage with your partners actively. Just as it allows friends to connect, it gives B2B a platform to communicate. You can put a spotlight on your partners through liking and commenting on their content, sharing it, tagging them in posts, creating posts about your partnership etc. This strengthens your bond and allows other businesses see how great you work at B2B. New partners will therefore be more likely to want to work with you!


On the other end of the spectrum, social media services also can monitor what your competitors are up to. It’s like an ethical way of spying! Today, businesses can see what their greatest competitors put out into the world, both successfully and unsuccessfully. For instance, Facebook has an analytics feature that allows you to put yourself against the data of your top competitors and see how it compares week after week.

This type of social media monitoring gives businesses key information to shape their own strategies and stay ahead of the competition. Social media specialists also use software like Hootsuite, which has a function that can track industry keywords and your competitors, etc. This is all done privately, without your competitors knowing you are doing it.


The many facets of social media may be overwhelming at times, so staying organised is importantThis is where your social media coordinator will take the strain, managing your social media channels and posting content that is consistent with your brand and values.

Your social media manager will provide a monthly report demonstrating the social media output from the previous month. This will positively impact your business’ overall strategy and inform future content marketing strategy.

A social media calendar can provide an overview of a business’s social marketing strategy and help ensure a brand publishes top-notch, well-written, and highly shareable content. It also helps to ensure you don’t forget any important dates. There are various times when a business will want to promote an event, take part in a “national day”, or simply remember to post something, and a calendar takes care of that.

There are too many benefits of social media to name, but we hope now it is a little clearer to you just how invaluable having it is for a business. Overall, it is the perfect way to measure your business’ success and guarantee it is on the path to growth. When it comes down to it, social media coordinators are storytellers. They love nothing more than to showcase your brand to the world creatively. So find someone you trust and get your business story out there!

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