Websites and blogs relating to renal cell carcinoma – for the more significant generic cancer sites provided direct links to the kidney cancer sections.

UK Websites

  • Cancer Research UK is probably the best factual information and scariest as it lists stats!
  • Macmillan –  good, user-friendly ‘initial diagnosis’ info. The blogs and forums section of the website can be a bit exasperating. It’s such a big site it can be challenging to find relevant facts.
  • James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer – a specific kidney cancer charity is focusing on campaigning. There is a good booklet you can download on initial diagnosis.
  • Kidney Cancer Support Network
    A patient-led website by kidney cancer patients and carers for the benefit of other patients, carers and their families.

UK Blogs

  • The Wrighty Way– Sally Hewitt’s brilliant blog about her partner Steve Wright’s experience of Stage 4 kidney cancer has been so helpful to me. Concise and humorous, it is the best UK RCC blog I have come across.
    Update: Sally Hewitt became Sally Wright on October 14th 2010. Sadly Steve Wright died less than a month later, on November 10th 2010.
  • A journey of another kind
  • Life After Jane.– This is the fantastic blog of Jane Thomson, a 51-year-old from Birmingham, who died in May 2010, three years after her initial diagnosis. She is an excellent writer, witty, insightful and searingly honest. She was the focal point for the James Whale documentary Jane’s Journey. WARNING: Her account of her final months, sometimes supplemented by her husband Martin, is emotionally harrowing. Martin has recently published his blog,

US & Canadian websites